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Farm Parties

Join us at Country Chick Farms for some good times.

We share the land with Snake Prairie Events, so we are happy to be your local working party farm.

Chili Jam 2.jpg


• All chili will conform to Tolbert specifications and all rules governing OTICCC chili will apply.

• Bloody Mary entries will be judged on taste only. All entries will use cups provided by Chili Jam.

• Pre-boiled eggs will be provided by Country Chick Farms for the Deviled Eggs competition. Entries will be judged on taste and presentation (classic presentation you'd see at a dinner table, not a beauty contest). Contestants need to bring their recipes and ingredients to prepare the eggs onsite.

• Overnight guests are welcome, plenty of room for tents and RVs. No hookups. Please take your trash home with you.

• No dogs, no pets. This is a working farm. Our hens appreciate being left alone.

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