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Peep Show

Take a stroll around Country Chick Farms and see how the girls are doing.

Hangin' with some shady ladies

Hanging out with these shady ladies on another hot-ass Texas summer day.

a view from the nest box

The girls are doing their best to stay cool and keep laying these delicious eggs for y'all. A fresh batch will be hitting the shelves at both Central Market locations and Wheatsville South Lamar on Thursdays!


The kiddo and I enjoyed a bumpy ride through the pasture in one of the mobile nest houses when we moved our youngest flock.


A fresh patch of pasture for these girls to try and help those yolks darken back up. The drought really takes a toll on the grasses that give them the carotenoids that make a nice, natural deep yellow to orange yolk that you're used to seeing in our eggs. 

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