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Keeping our slice of Texas rural.

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Rosanky, Texas

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Country Chick Farms is a local, female owned and family operated farm in southern Bastrop County near Rosanky. We are dedicated to producing farm fresh, soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO eggs laid by our own flocks of hens rotated outdoors on open pastures where they enjoy native grasses and insects as well as our own natural groundwater supply.​ We mill our own feed, box the eggs ourselves, and send them fresh for your enjoyment.


This land has been in agricultural rotation with various crops and animals grazing on it for decades, long before "regeneration" was the latest buzzword coined by corporate-owned farms looking to present themselves as new and trendy. You'll get honest eggs and honest answers at Country Chick.

Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3-7 p.m.-ish.
Check our social pages for daily information.

Eggs - $5/dozen
Laying hens starting at $10
Potatoes - $2/lb 
Spools starting at $20 
More produce coming soon.

farm hours

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market hours

Barton Creek Farmers Market
Saturday, June 10 and 24
9 a.m.-1 p.m.


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Our eggs are collected daily and are refrigerated and packaged onsite. Each egg is inspected three times before it reaches a carton. The majority of our egg shells are dark brown, with bits of green and blue speckled throughout. Our yolks depend on the season, and run from a dark yellow to light orange depending on seasonal weather patterns and precipitation, which is needed for natural, healthy yolks. We don't use dyes for egg yolk coloration like some egg suppliers do. When you hear other egg producers talking about using paprika and marigold in their chicken feed, this is what they are doing. We prefer to let nature dictate the hue. They still taste great!

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